Category: Sausages and Rissoles

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Thin 95% Fat Free Beef and Vegetable Sausage17.99 / kg.
Award Winning Thick Sausages (Tasty Aussie)10.99 / kg.
Thin Sausages (Tasty Aussie)16.99 / kg.
Gourmet Tomato Lean Beef Sausages16.99 / kg.
Thin Sweet Chilli and Red Pepper Sausages18.99 / kg.
Tasty Plain Rissoles9.99 / kg.
B.B.Q Flavoured Rissoles6.99 / kg.
Cornish Rissoles9.99 / kg.
Gourmet Beef and Vegetable Rissoles17.99 / kg.
Chippolata Sausages17.99 / kg.
Chicken Sausages16.99 / kg.
Chicken Rissoles13.99 / kg.
Thin Lamb & Rosemary Sausages16.99 / kg.
Pork Sausages Thick11.99 / kg.
Pork Sausages Thin16.99 / kg.

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