Category: Roasts

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Roast Topside19.99 / kg.
Roast Bolar Blade11.99 / kg.
Roast Silverside13.99 / kg.
Roast Eye Silverside13.99 / kg.
Prime Rib/Cattlemans Cutlet49.99 / kg.
Standing Rib Roast47.99 / kg.
La Ionica No. 16 Chicken11.5 / ea.
La Ionica No. 20 Chicken12.5 / ea.
Chicken Kiev16.99 / kg.
Chicken, Baco and Shallot Rolls15.99 / kg.
Lamb Leg Roast16.99 / kg.
Plain Easy-Carve Lamb Leg23.99 / kg.
Honey Mustard Easy-Carve Lamb Leg23.99 / kg.
Honey, Mint, Rosemary Easy-Carve Lamb Leg23.99 / kg.
Italiano Easy-Carve Lamb Leg23.99 / kg.
Lamb Shoulder Roast (On Bone)15.99 / kg.
Gourmet Lamb Shoulder Roll20.99 / kg.
Honey Mustard Gourmet Lamb Shoulder Roll20.99 / kg.
Honey, Mint, Rosemary Lamb Shoulder Roll20.99 / kg.
Italiano Lamb Shoulder Roll20.99 / kg.
Trim Lamb Mini Roast27.99 / kg.
Lamb Cutlet Rack54.99 / kg.
Lamb Mini Racks27.99 / kg.
Lamb Mini Rolls27.99 / kg.
Lamb Mini Rolls (Italiano)27.99 / kg.
Roast Leg Pork12.99 / kg.
Rolled Loin Pork Roast19.99 / kg.
Rolled Foreloin Pork Roast15.99 / kg.
Pork Neck Roast19.99 / kg.
Boneless Leg Pork Roast16.99 / kg.
Boneless Leg Pork Primals19.99 / kg.
Veal Nut Roast (Leg Primal)29.99 / kg.

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